Fashion safari

Come on a fashion safari with Leo the Lion at Gripsholm Castle. See famous historical Swedes in their most stylish outfits.


In accordance to the latest stricter restrictions for the region Sörmland, by the Public Health Agency, the decision has been made to close Gripsholm Castle until further notice.

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Around 800 portraits – a large part of the Swedish State Portrait Collection – are hung at the castle. Here you can see 400 years of famous faces, from King Gustav Vasa to Greta Garbo – hundreds of portraits whose eyes will follow you as you wander through the winding passageways...

Children's activity

Collect a map from the front desk, and turn a tour of the palace into a voyage of discovery for children. The details on the map can be found in the portrait collection, and it's up to you to find them!

Carry out the task by yourself during ordinary opening hours. The activity is suitable for children of all ages. All children who complete the task will receive a reward at the ticket office.

Meet the legendary Leo

Leo the Lionopens in new window is a popular figure at Gripsholm Castle, and can be found in the armoury. This 18th century royal beast has an unusual appearance, to say the least.

Top image: Montage. Leo the Lion and a detail from the portrait of the 16th century Count Nils Svantesson Sture. Photos:

Fashion safari at Gripsholm Castle

Go on a fashion safari through the castle's winding passageways and grand rooms. A map is available at the front desk, where children can also claim their reward after completing the task.

Can you find the portrait of Queen Kristina as a child (!) ? In the 17th century, children were dressed as adults from the age of 6 or 7!


Children's activity trails are available at Gripsholm Castle, the Royal Palaceopens in new window and Drottningholm Palaceopens in new window.

Various children's activities will also take place at these sites during the school holidays, and at the Riddarholmen Church and the Royal Stables. School holiday programmes will be announced via the Calendaropens in new window.

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