The Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic Trio

Semmy Stahlhammer and his Klezmer ensemble will perform classical and folk music in the Hall of State at Gripsholm Castle.

The Stahlhammer Klezmer Ensemble was founded in 1910 in Kraśnik, Poland. The orchestra performed at concerts and parties until 1939. The musicians played the mandolin, guitar, balalaika, violin, cello, bass, harmonica, trumpet and drums.

Semmy Stahlhammer continues the family tradition with the Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic Trio, which now consists of violin, cello and accordion, with guest singers and instrumentalists. Their repertoire consists of Jewish folk music, tango and classical music.

Stahlhammer is First Concertmaster at the Royal Swedish Opera, and has won the International J.S. Bach Competition in the USA.


Semmy Stahlhammer, violin
Isabel Blommé, cello
Miriam Oldenburg, accordion

Top image: Semmy Stahlhammer. Photo: Peter Bothén

Music at Gripsholm
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