Gripsholm this autumn

Take the opportunity to visit King Gustav Vasa's ancient Gripsholm Castle, which will remain open for weekends in November before closing for the winter.

Gripsholm Castle is located around seventy kilometres west of Stockholm, in the town of Mariefred on Lake Mälaren. The castle was built in the 16th century at the initiative of King Gustav Vasa, and is home to furnishings and works of craftsmanship from different periods. You can also see King Gustav III's theatre and the State Portrait Collection, which includes paintings, sculptures and photographs of important people from the time of King Gustav Vasa to the present day.

Hjorthagen Nature Reserve is adjacent to the castle. Here, you can stroll through one of the county's finest eco parks, with its historic remains in the form of a hillfort, a burial field and a cast iron order emblem.

Gripsholms slott. Foto: Raphael Stecksén