Culture Night

Come behind the scenes at the Royal Palace. This year's digital Culture Night includes a visit to the Hall of Mirrors, which is not normally on show, and the chance to get to know Crown Princess Margareta – a princess ahead of her time.

In the Hall of Mirrors, which was also part of Crown Princess Margareta's apartments, exhibition curator Bronwyn Griffith will talk about "Daisy", The King's grandmother.

An exhibition about Crown Princess Margareta will open in these rooms this summer*, and on Culture Night we can get an exclusive preview!

Crown Princess Margareta (1882–1920) was a fascinating individual, who was far ahead of her time in many areas. She was a strong-willed woman and the mother of several children, and founded Sweden's first bandy team for women. She also coordinated large consignments of packages sent to prisoners of war throughout Europe, and was a keen gardener and a talented artist. "The ray of sunshine at Stockholm Palace" certainly made an impression on her contemporaries.

*The exhibition will open this summer, subject to recommendations and restrictions. Find out more about the exhibition here.opens in new window


The Hall of Mirrors. The film about "Daisy" from the Hall of Mirrors will be available on Kulturnatt Stockholm's Play service at Kulturnattstockholm.seexternal link, opens in new window from 18:00 on 24 April and for one week afterwards. Kulturnatt Stockholm Play will remain available until May 1st.

Live broadcast from the Royal Stables. Culture Night begins with a live broadcast from the Royal Stables! The broadcast will be shown at Kulturnattstockholm.seexternal link, opens in new window and at Kulturnatt Stockholm on Facebook at 18.00 on 24 April.

You can watch Culture Night at Kulturnattstockholm.seexternal link, opens in new window, which will be broadcasting live during the evening and showing the digital programme.

Live from the Royal Stables

You can watch Culture Night 2021 at Kulturnattstockholm.seexternal link, opens in new window, where the programme will be shown via a play service. There will also be live broadcasts, including from the Royal Stables. Staff from the Royal Stables will be showing a carriage and parade harnesses in the manège. Live broadcasts can be seen via the TV service on Kulturnatt Stockholm's website and Facebook.

Photos: Crown Princess Margareta's mantle and crown, photographed at the Royal Palace in March 2021 for the exhibition "Daisy. Crown Princess Margareta, 1882–1920", which is due to open in summer 2021. Photo: Lisa Raihle Rehbäck/ Montage of images from Lejonbacken and the Royal Stables, photo:

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