Culture Night at the Royal Palace

What is the Palace like by night? There's music, art, grand rooms, sculptures and a spring exhibition! For one night only, you can enter Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities via the Palace's garden, Logården.

On Stockholm's Culture Night, you can wander through the Bernadotte Apartments as you admire the art and furnishings. Staff including the Steward of the Royal Household will be on hand to show examples of royal table settings.

You can also explore Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities with its ancient sculptures and see the newly opened drawing exhibition. Children can try on historical costumes and have their photo taken in the selfie frame. For one night only, entry to the Museum of Antiquities will be via the palace's garden, Logården.

Don't miss the Royal Chapel and the evening's concerts, including concert pianist Roland Pöntinen.

The programme also features pop-up tours in Swedish and English, and the opportunity to buy souvenirs from the Royal Gift Shop.

Art, culture and sculpture

Self-guided visits 18:00–24:00:
Walk through the Bernadotte Apartments at night and see examples of royal table settings. The Bernadotte Apartments are part of the Palace's reception rooms, and feature interiors from three centuries and the large portrait gallery of the Bernadotte dynasty.

See the drawing exhibition and the sculptures at Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities. For one night only, entry to the Museum of Antiquities will be via Logården.

The Palace Chapel will be open during the evening for self-guided visits between concerts. Concert times can be seen below.

Staff will be giving pop-up tours of the Palace Chapel, the Bernadotte Apartments and Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities.

Concerts in the Palace Chapel

18:00, 19:00 and 20:00:
The Junior Academy Music School in the Palace Chapel
The Junior Academy Music School, with producer Birgitta André and artistic director Nina Baladina.

21:00 and 22:00:
Piano concert in the Palace Chapel. Concert pianist Roland Pöntinen performs lyrical Swedish piano music by composers including Seymer and Stenhammar.

Concert in the Palace Chapel. Bach and Gregorian music with soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson and Court Organist Mary Ljungquist Hén.

King and queen for an evening!

For children, 18:00–21:00:
In Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities, children can try on historic costumes and be photographed in the golden frame. Suitable for ages 5 to 10.

The Royal Stables on Culture Night

The Royal Stables will also be open during the evening. The Royal Stables are on Östermalm, about a fifteen minute walk from the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

Photo: The Royal Palace of Stockholm, Lejonbacken. Montage. Alexis Daflos/