Children's Music Festival

Don't miss this summer's joyful music festival for our youngest visitors at Gripsholm Castle.

The concerts begin at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00, and last for an hour. The concerts are included in the entry fee for the castle.

Pre-purchase entry tickets here on the website.

11:00 Frans & Malin
Young percussion duo Frans & Malin from Strängnäs appear at Gripsholm's children's music festival. Malin Sjökvist and Frans Klingfors provide powerful beats inpired by tv and computer games such as Red Alert, Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite, Super Mario, Pokémon, Last of us, Lego Harry Potter and Advent Children from Final Fantasy.

13:00 The Ghost and the Court Musicians
A musical meeting in time and space, from playfulness to seriousness. A boy travels through time and ends up in the 18th century as an invisible ghost, partway through a rehearsal for the princess's evening dance performance. The music consists of Baroque classics such as Roman's Drottningholm Music and pieces by Purcell, Bellman and contemporary composers.
Ola Sandström (vocals and guitar), My Eklund (recorder), Lina Söderholtz (violin) and Emeli Jeremias (cello).

15:00 Jazz Magic
Come on fast-paced musical adventure from Louis Armstrong to Taylor Swift, revolving around the very heart of jazz: improvisation! The audience will learn about the different eras and styles of jazz on a natural, imaginative and playful journey. A dream-like, slightly surreal concert where nothing is impossible, and where the audience and the power of jazz will steer the music in different directions.
Jonas Lindeborg (trumpet), Andreas Andersson (saxophone) and Staffan Findin (trombone).

Top image: The Ghost and the Court Musicians. Photo:

Music at Gripsholm
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The energetic percussion duo Frans & Malin consists of Malin Sjökvist and Frans Klingfors. Photo:

The musical trio Fri Luft perform the Jazz Magic concert, demonstrating the wide variation of their artistry. Photo: