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Gustav Vasa's two swords

The Sword of State dates from 1541, and was commissioned in Augsburg for King Gustav Vasa. Scenes from the Old Testament and King Gustav Vasa's coat of arms are etched onto the blade.

The shape of the blade on Gustav Vasa's older Sword of State shows that it was made before 1541. The etched designs depict scenes from Roman history.

The regalia, the baptismal font and the coronation cloak can be seen in the Treasury at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

The Sword of State, 1541
Material: The shaft is made from carved, polished iron. The knob and cross-guard feature lion masks. The grip is bound with gilded silver thread.

The older Sword of State
Material: The shaft, knob and cross-guard were probably made in Sweden shortly before 1560. The grip is clad in light blue velvet with gold embroidery.